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The Best Collar for Your Corgi: How to Choose the Right One

The Best Collar for Your Corgi: How to Choose the Right One

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Last Updated on February 7, 2024 by May Jones

Let’s face it, corgis are pretty darn cute. But did you know that this fluffy breed is also known for its strong herding instincts and tendency to try and escape fences? That’s why finding the best collar for your corgi is crucial.

But with so many options out there, how do you choose? I’ve done the research and I’m excited to share it with you!

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What’s to Consider When Picking a Collar for Your Adult Corgi?

As a proud corgi parent, you want nothing but the best for your furry friend. And when it comes to collars, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to make sure you pick the perfect one.

1. Size and Weight of your Corgi

First, consider your corgi’s size and weight. A collar that is too small or tight can cause discomfort and even harm their trachea. But a collar that is too loose runs the risk of slipping off or getting caught on things. Make sure you measure your pup’s neck before purchasing a collar and look for one with adjustable straps.

2. The activity level of your Corgi

Next, think about your corgi’s activity level and how they will be wearing the collar. Will it primarily be for walks or hikes? Will it also serve as their identification tag when they’re at doggie daycare or the dog park? You want to look for a durable collar with sturdy hardware.

3. Personality and Behavior

Lastly, consider your corgi’s personality and behavior. Is your pup a pretty chill dude who rarely pulls on the leash? Or are they known for their stubbornness and strong herding instincts? In that case, a martingale collar or harness may be a better option for your Corgi.

Key Takeaway: Overall, the best collar for your corgi is one that fits their size and weight, can withstand their activity level, and works best with their personality and behavior.

The Best Collar for Adult Corgi: ROAM Premium Dog Collar

For an adult corgi, I recommend the ROAM Premium Dog Collar. This collar stands out due to its slightly wider design, providing additional comfort around the sensitive neck area of your corgi.

Why the ROAM Collar?

  • Comfort: The wider design reduces pressure on the neck.
  • Durability: Built to last, it’s ideal for the active corgi lifestyle.
  • Adjustability: Ensures a snug fit as your corgi grows or changes in size.

Available from $26.99, the ROAM collar combines functionality with style, making it a top choice for corgi owners.

But what about corgi puppies? Their requirements are a bit different.

Why Start Your Corgi Puppy on a Harness?

While collars are great for adult corgis, puppies often benefit from starting with a harness. Here’s why:

  • Safety and Comfort: Puppies are still learning and can be quite energetic. A harness distributes pressure more evenly across the body, reducing the risk of neck strain or injury.
  • Training: Harnesses are effective tools for leash training. They offer better control without discomfort, making it easier to guide your puppy during walks.
  • Preventing Escapes: Corgis are clever and can sometimes slip out of collars. A well-fitted harness is more secure, keeping your adventurous puppy safely by your side.

Recommended Harness for Corgi Puppies: Ruffwear Everyday Harness

For corgi puppies, the Ruffwear Everyday Harness is an excellent choice. It’s comfortable for daily wear and provides the control necessary for training.

Features of the Ruffwear Harness:

  • Even Weight Distribution: Ideal for a growing puppy’s body.
  • Comfortable Design: Ensures your puppy can move freely and happily.
  • Easy to Use: Simplifies the process of gearing up for walks.

Available from $49.95, this harness is a great investment for your corgi’s early months.

The Different Types of Collars Available

Here’s an overview of the most popular types of dog collars:

1. Buckle Collars:

Buckle collars are the most common type of dog collars. They are adjustable and easy to put on and take off.

2. Martingale Collars:

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A Martingale collar is a limited slip collar, which means that it tightens around the dog’s neck when pulled without choking the dog.

3. Harnesses:

Harnesses are an alternative to collars for dogs. They distribute the force of the dog’s pulling evenly across the chest and shoulders instead of the neck.

4. Head Collars:

Head collars are similar to harnesses but they go around the dog’s head instead of the chest. They are often used for dogs that pull on the leash or have a tendency to lunge at other dogs or people.

5. GPS Collars:

GPS collars are used to track the location of a dog. They can be helpful if your dog gets lost or runs away.

6. Identification Collars:

Identification collars are used to help identify a lost dog. They usually have the dog’s name, address, and phone number on them.

7. Fashion Collars:

Fashion collars are used to make a dog look good. They come in a variety of styles and colors.


The most important thing to consider when choosing the best collar for your corgi is your dog’s individual personality and needs. If you’re not sure which type of collar is right for your pup, ask a professional trainer or your veterinarian for help 🙂

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