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How to Pick the Best Collar for Your Corgi Puppy: A Down-to-Earth Guide

How to Pick the Best Collar for Your Corgi Puppy: A Down-to-Earth Guide

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Last Updated on April 19, 2024 by May Jones

Welcoming a corgi puppy into your family is like turning up the dial on joy and mischief in equal measure.

One of the first things you’ll need to sort out is a good collar, because while those little fluff balls might have strong personalities, they also need the right gear to keep them safe and sound.

Finding the best collar for your corgi puppy isn’t just about looking cute (though that’s definitely a plus); it’s about practicality and comfort. Here’s a straightforward guide to picking a collar that works as hard as your puppy plays.

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Why I recommend getting a harness too for your corgi puppy

Along with a collar, it’s a great idea to get a harness for your corgi puppy, especially when they’re still learning how to walk on a leash. A harness is super helpful because it doesn’t pull on your pup’s neck like a collar can.

This is really important for little corgis, as their necks are quite sensitive while they’re young. Plus, a harness helps spread out the pull when your puppy gets excited and tries to run off, which means they won’t pick up bad habits like pulling on the leash. This makes walks safer and more fun for both of you right from the start.

Now that you’ve got the basics down about why a harness is crucial, especially for an energetic corgi puppy, let’s dive into what you should look for when picking out the perfect harness and collar.

Choosing the Right Harness and Collar for Your Corgi Puppy

When shopping for your corgi puppy’s first collar and harness, keep these key points in mind to ensure you choose the best possible gear:

1. Size and Adjustability: Corgi puppies grow quickly, so you’ll need something that can adjust to their changing size. Look for collars and harnesses that offer a good range of adjustability to ensure you can always achieve a snug, comfortable fit.

2. Material Comfort: Puppies have sensitive skin, so choose materials that are gentle and won’t chafe. Soft nylon, breathable mesh, or padded harnesses are great choices that keep your pup comfy and happy on their adventures.

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3. Ease of Use: You’ll be taking your puppy’s collar and harness on and off quite a bit, so look for options that are easy to buckle and unbuckle. This makes setup quick and hassle-free, which is always a plus with an excited puppy eager to start their walk.

4. Safety Features: Reflective stitching and safety locks on a harness can be lifesavers, especially if you plan on walking your puppy in low-light conditions or busy areas. These features help ensure that your puppy is visible and secure at all times.

5. Training Compatibility: Some harnesses come with front clips that can help discourage pulling, making them excellent for training purposes. They teach puppies to walk nicely beside you without putting any strain on their developing bodies.

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When to Use a Collar vs. a Harness

It’s good to know when to use each piece of gear:

  • Use a Collar For:
    • Quick potty breaks in the yard
    • Hanging ID tags with your contact information, which is crucial in case your puppy ever gets lost
    • A lightweight option for puppies who are already leash trained and don’t pull
  • Use a Harness For:
    • Daily walks and public outings, where safety and control are paramount
    • Training sessions to teach walking etiquette without the risk of neck strain
    • High-energy situations where your puppy might pull or try to run, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind


Equipping your corgi puppy with both a collar and a harness is an excellent approach to handling their safety and training needs effectively.

While the collar holds their ID and provides a simple solution for quick outings, the harness distributes pressure safely across their chest and shoulders, protecting their neck during those exuberant puppy moments.

Remember, the right gear not only adds to your puppy’s comfort but also enhances your experience as you both navigate the joys of training and growing up together.

Start with the right tools, and you’ll build a foundation of good habits that will last a lifetime. Happy walking!

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