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What’s The Best Crate For A Corgi?

What’s The Best Crate For A Corgi?

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Last Updated on January 19, 2024 by May Jones

To be honest, I found it really overwhelming to choose a crate for my corgi. I hope this article will help other dog owners avoid the confusion and frustration that I went through.

When I started my search, I immediately ruled out wire crates because of their appearance, but I knew that a crate was important for training purposes, and to give my corgi a private space to unwind.

In other words, I wanted a crate that not only met my corgi’s physical needs but also suited her personality as well as our style at home.

In this article, I’ll share with you what I learned during my search for the best crate for a corgi.

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Wire Crate for Corgis

Wire Crate for Corgis

✅ Spacious enough for comfort

✅ Easy to measure for the right fit

✅ Practical and no-fuss solution

🚫 Aesthetic may not suit all home decor styles

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Designer Furniture Crate for Corgis

Designer Furniture Crate for Corgis

✅ Stylish, fits well with home decor

✅ Comfortable and spacious

✅ Ideal for quiet areas in the living room

🚫 Higher price point than standard crates

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Dog Pen for Corgis

Dog Pen for Corgis

✅ Offers more space and flexibility

✅ Suitable for managing puppies

✅ Easy to include bed and pee pads

🚫 May not contain active corgis who can climb

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The best crate for a corgi can of course be a wire crate

If you just want a no-fuss crate, a wire crate will be perfectly fine, as long as it’s the right size for your corgi.

You want it to be big enough for your corgi to stand up, turn around, and stretch out comfortable.

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Yes, that usually means you’ll have to measure your corgi and look at the dimensions of different crates. I know it’s annoying, or at least I’m personally not a fan of measuring, but it’s important for the comfort of your dog.

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The best crate for my corgi was a designer crate

AND I’M OBSESSED WITH IT. I had this awkward corner at home and I kid you not, I found a walnut furniture dog crate that was the perfect fit. It’s now set up in a quiet area of our living room and my corgi loves it.

Image: unipaws Store | Available from $269 on Amazon | Check the latest price here

If you don’t like the one I got, there are lots of other styles for furniture dog crates available too. Just search for “designer dog crate” on Amazon 🙂

Check out “dog pens” if you don’t want to get a crate for your corgi

Dog pens didn’t work for us because my corgi kept climbing out of the top, but I know lots of other corgi owners who have had success with them. They provide your dog with a bit more space to move around in, while also keeping them within a certain area.

One great advantage of dog pens is that they are big enough to include a bed for your corgi to sleep or rest comfortably inside.

Additionally, dog pens can also be very useful for managing puppies (check out my corgi puppy checklist if you haven’t already!). They offer a safe and secure space for your puppy to play and learn. And to assist with potty training, corgi parents will often place puppy pee pads on one side of the pen, while the dog bed is on the other. This way, your puppy has a designated sleeping and potty area, which can make the training process easier.

Image: Amazon Basics Store | Available from $40.15 | Check the latest price here

Which crate is best for you and your corgi?

Now that you know some of the different types of crates available, it’s time to decide which one is best for you and your corgi. Obviously, this decision will depend on many factors like budget, size, looks, and your pup’s personality.

But no matter the type of crate you decide to get, the most important part is that it fits your corgi comfortably and provides them with a safe space to sleep.

I hope this article gave you an idea of what types of crates for corgis you get to choose from. Good luck on your search!

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