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Corgi Backpack Carriers: What You Need To Know

Corgi Backpack Carriers: What You Need To Know

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Last Updated on January 19, 2024 by May Jones

I put together the below list of corgi backpack carriers based on my own research when looking for one. I personally had a pretty hard time finding a good fit as I didn’t know where to start. I wasn’t sure on sizing and had some problems getting my corgi to feel comfortable in the backpack carrier. So, I hope I can save you from some of the issues I’ve had by sharing my experience in this article πŸ™‚

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K9 Sport Sack for Corgis

K9 Sport Sack

βœ… Easy to get your corgi in and out

βœ… Designed for safety and comfort

βœ… Ideal for anxious dogs, offers security and closeness

🚫 May not suit larger or more restless corgis

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Are dog backpack carriers safe?

In my experience, backpack carriers are becoming increasingly popular because they help us bring our dog along to all the places where we couldn’t otherwise. More often than not that’s public transport, in places that have restrictions for our furry friends in place.

If a dog backpack carrier is safe depends on the type of carrier, as well as how you use them. By usage I’m mostly referring to the duration. Most dogs will be fine in a backpack carrier for short-ish periods of time but may get uncomfortable if they have to be in one for a long time.

That said, there’s no simple general answer to this I’m afraid as all dogs are different, but I think the best recommendation I can give you, is to learn to read your dog’s body language. If you have a good understanding of whether your corgi is calm or stressed out, you’ll find it easier to tell if a particular backpack carrier is a good fit or not.

Similar to most other dog gear, you may find that your corgi prefers one backpack carrier over another for no particular reason. I say this based on my own experience – we went through a fair few corgi harnesses that our dog absolutely hated, until we found one that he was cool with. I think sometimes it’s such small things that make a difference that we humans find it hard to see, so I just go by my corgi’s body language these days and then try to figure out what’s wrong if he looks stressed out.

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What is the best dog backpack carrier?

Due to the growing demand there are a bunch of different dog backpack carriers available these days. The most common ones for a corgi are the one’s where you carry your dog strapped in on your back or front. For smaller dog breeds there are carriers that are like a little box/crate, where the dog doesn’t have to be strapped in, but we can’t fit our corgi’s in one of those.

K9 Sport Sack

Image Source: K9 Sport Sack on Amazon

We’ve been really lucky with the first corgi backpack carrier we bought (unlike our corgi harness experience where he had to try multiple different ones until we found one that worked).

Many other corgi parents recommended the K9 Sport Sack (click here to check the latest price on Amazon) to us and it worked out great for us.

It’s really easy to get him in and out the K9 Sport Sack, so much so that our corgi (who’s more on the anxious side normally) actually loves to get into it and tag along when we go out!

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