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How Hot Is Too Hot For A Corgi?

How Hot Is Too Hot For A Corgi?

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Last Updated on October 26, 2022 by May Jones

What Temperature Can Corgis Tolerate?

With enough shade, water, and air circulation, most corgis are OK with, and can tolerate temperatures up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

But just like us humans, all corgis are individuals, so this always depends a bit on different factors.

Like, for example, if your corgi has underlying health conditions, or if they’re senior corgis.

So, if you’re wondering how hot is too hot for your corgi, can help to give your local vet a call to ask for advise.

They deal with all the heat-related issues in your local area, so will be experts in knowing exactly what to be cautious of.

Do Corgis Overheat Easily?

Corgis can overheat easily because they may not recognise that they’re overheating before it’s too late.

Dogs don’t step outside the house thinking “oh, it’s a bit hot today, I better stay inside”.

They’re social animals, and they’ll tag along with their owners. And if you go to the park to throw the ball, your corgi might keep going for was many times as you throw it, even though they’re already struggling to catch their breath.

Can Corgis Survive Hot Weather?

Yes, corgis can survive in most hot weather temperatures, but it’s important to manage their environment accordingly.

If it’s truly boiling hot outside, consider keeping your corgi inside, in an air-conditioned room.

Always provide them with access to plenty of water.

If you leave your corgi outside, make sure they always have shade.

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Be aware that the sun moves throughout the day, so a shady spot in the morning, might not be there in the afternoon.

If you’re unsure, your local vet will be happy to help. They deal with all the local hot weather emergencies, so will know exactly what’s important to consider in your local area.

Do Corgis Hate The Heat?

If it’s hot enough, don’t we all reach a point where we’ll hate the heat?

All corgis are individuals, some don’t mind warm weather while others might hate it.

It’s important to observe your dog and learn what their preferences are.

How To Keep A Corgi Cool?

Here are some tips for keeping your corgi cool on a hot day:

  • Give your corgi access to lots of water
  • Offer a cooling mat or a wet towel for your corgi to lie on
  • Give your corgi access to a dog-friendly pool with shallow water

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