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Is a Corgi a Herding Dog? Everything You Need to Know

Is a Corgi a Herding Dog? Everything You Need to Know

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The Corgi is a herding dog, and they have been used for this purpose for centuries. In fact, they were originally bred to work on farms in Wales.

Today, corgis are still working dogs on some farms, but they also make excellent pets. They’re intelligent, loyal, and affectionate – not to mention adorable!

And while their herding instincts can sometimes get them into trouble (like chasing after cars or nipping at people’s heels), with proper training these behaviors can be controlled.

Herding Instincts and Behaviors in Corgis

Did you know that corgis have a natural herding instinct?

This means that they are genetically predisposed to certain behaviors, such as chasing and nipping at the heels of other animals.

While this behavior may not be desirable in all situations, it can be harnessed for good use in activities like herding trials and competitions.

With proper training, your corgi can learn to control their herding instincts and behave appropriately in different settings.

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Image: Joshua Patton on Unsplash

Corgis as Working Dogs on Farms

Corgis are popular working dogs on farms due to their herding instincts. They excel at livestock management tasks such as rounding up cows and keeping them in line while they move from one pasture to another.

Corgis also participate in herding trials and competitions, which showcase their skills to others. If you’re considering getting a corgi, it’s important to know that these dogs often need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

Training a Corgi to Herd Livestock

Herding is a natural instinct for corgis, and with the right training, they can be excellent working dogs on farms. Corgis are intelligent and quick learners, so herding trials and competitions can be great fun for both owner and dog.

However, it’s important to start training early – as soon as your corgi is old enough to begin learning basic commands – since herding requires a lot of patience and practice.

Here are some tips for training your corgi to herd livestock:

1. Choose an Obedience Trainer Who Has Experience Working With Herding Dogs.

This will ensure that your corgi gets the best possible instruction from someone who understands their instincts and drives.

2. Start by Teaching Basic Commands Such as Sit, Stay, Come When Called, Etc.

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A well-behaved dog is essential for safe livestock handling; if your corgi becomes too agitated or excited around animals, they could unintentionally hurt them (or get hurt themselves).

3. Next, Introduce Your Corgi to the Livestock in a Controlled Environment – Such as a Pen or Pasture.

Let them get used to the smell and movement of the animals before trying to herd them.

  1. When you’re ready to start training, begin with simple commands like “go” or “come by.” As your corgi gets more comfortable and confident with herding, you can add more complex maneuvers such as circling or driving.
  2. Be patient! Herding is a difficult skill for even experienced dogs to master, so it will take time and practice for your corgi to learn everything they need to know. With patience and persistence, though, you’ll soon have an expert herder on your hands – one that can help make life on the farm much easier (and maybe even have some fun doing it)!
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Image: Michal Mikulec on Unsplash

FAQs in Relation to Is a Corgi a Herding Dog?

Do Corgis herd people?

This is a somewhat controversial topic, as corgis are sometimes bred specifically to have strong herding instincts. It’s generally accepted that most corgis do indeed have natural herding instincts that can manifest in various ways, such as chasing after cars or nipping at people’s heels. However, with proper training and socialization these behaviors can be controlled, and many corgis are able to live happily alongside other people without exhibiting these behaviors.

Why are Corgis used for herding?

Corgis are herding dogs by nature and have been used for such purposes for centuries. Their small stature makes them nimble and able to maneuver around livestock easily, while their strong herding instinct ensures that they will keep the animals in line.

While all corgis share these qualities, some may be better suited to herding than others, depending on their individual personality and training.


So, are corgis herding dogs? Absolutely! They have the instincts and behaviors for it, and with proper training they can be excellent herders.

If you’re thinking about getting a corgi, make sure you’re prepared to do some training – but don’t worry, it’ll be worth it when you see how loyal and loving your new best friend can be.

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