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Why Do Corgi Butts Float? Are They The Ultimate Floatation Device in Emergencies?

Why Do Corgi Butts Float? Are They The Ultimate Floatation Device in Emergencies?

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Last Updated on March 2, 2023 by May Jones

Ah, the age-old question of why corgi butts float. Some may say it’s because of their cute little legs, but the truth is in their buoyant derriere. This is the most important information in the history of corgi butts! If only the Titanic had more corgis, it could have been saved!

In this article, we will delve into the science behind corgi butts and their incredible floating abilities.

Why Do Corgi Butts Float?

It’s not just a myth – corgi butts really do float! But why is this the case? The answer lies in their body shape and the way their fur is distributed. Corgis have a long, stocky body with short legs, which gives them a unique physique that can help them float. Their fur is also thick and water-resistant, which allows them to stay afloat without getting waterlogged.

The Science Behind It

The corgi’s body shape plays a major role in their floating abilities. Their long, low body allows them to displace water more efficiently than other dog breeds. This means that they can stay afloat with less effort than a dog with a different body shape. Additionally, their short legs allow them to swim in a paddling motion that keeps their back end elevated, which helps them stay afloat.

The distribution of fur on a corgi’s body also contributes to their ability to float. Their thick, water-resistant fur is concentrated around their back and hindquarters, which helps to keep them buoyant in the water. This concentration of fur around their butt and back gives them the appearance of a floating cork or buoy in the water.

The Importance of Corgi Butts

While the floating abilities of corgi butts may seem like a fun fact, it’s actually an important trait for these dogs. Corgis were originally bred to herd cattle and sheep, which meant they needed to be able to navigate through water in order to get their job done. Their ability to float made it easier for them to cross rivers, streams, and other bodies of water to get to their destination.

Today, corgis are beloved pets and their floating abilities are still important. While corgis may not be herding animals anymore, their ability to swim and float is still useful for safety reasons. If a corgi falls into a pool or a body of water, their floating butt can help keep them afloat until they can be rescued.

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In conclusion, corgi butts are a fascinating aspect of these beloved dogs. Their unique body shape and thick fur allow them to float effortlessly in the water, which has proven to be useful for both herding and safety reasons. While it may seem like a silly fact, the floating abilities of corgi butts are a testament to the incredible adaptability and resilience of these wonderful dogs. So the next time you see a corgi floating in the water, remember that their butt is not just adorable – it’s also incredibly useful.

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