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Ever Met a Blue Merle Corgi? Get Ready to Laugh!

Ever Met a Blue Merle Corgi? Get Ready to Laugh!

A cute blue merle corgi

Last Updated on August 10, 2023 by May Jones

Hey there, fellow dog enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving nose-first into the enchanting world of blue merle corgis. These furballs are like the unicorns of the corgi kingdom, with their one-of-a-kind coat pattern that’s as unique as a fingerprint.

But hold your leashes, because we’re not just oohing and ahhing over their Instagram-worthy looks. We’re digging into the real stuff – are they purebred, do they have health quirks, and are they secretly cowboys in disguise? Let’s wag those tails and fetch some answers!

What is a Blue Merle Corgi?

Alright, let’s get to the basics, my dog-loving pals! A blue merle corgi isn’t a corgi with a secret blueberry addiction (although that mental image is oddly adorable). It’s all about their fur fashion, and trust me, these pups are the trendsetters of the dog world. Here’s the scoop:

The Coat Conundrum: A blue merle corgi’s coat is a masterpiece of splashes and speckles. They sport a base color that can be black or red, and then comes the blue-merle magic. This unique pattern adds a mesmerizing mix of gray, black, and sometimes even white patches, creating a coat that’s as eye-catching as a squirrel to a pup.

A group of blue merle corgis
Image: Adobe Stock

Pattern Puzzles: Each blue merle corgi is like a snowflake – no two are exactly alike. Their coat patterns can range from a delicate sprinkle of spots to bold patches that look like they just had a paintball fight (a fashionable one, of course).

Bright Eyes: Now, imagine those adorable eyes – they can be blue, brown, or even one of each. Talk about rocking the “two different shoes” trend!

Corgi Charm with a Splash: The blue merle corgi’s coat isn’t just a fancy dress; it’s a nod to their ancestry. These cuties are the result of corgis mingling with other breeds that carry the merle gene, like Border Collies or Australian Shepherds.

Wait, One More Thing: Before you swoon into a puppy puddle, it’s important to note that their unique coat doesn’t change the corgi personality we all adore – their spunk, smarts, and endless charm stay intact!

So, to sum it up, a blue merle corgi isn’t just a dog; it’s a work of art on four paws. Get ready to fall head over paws in love with their stunning and whimsical coat pattern!

Purebred or Not: The Blue Merle Corgi Conundrum

Alright, folks, let’s dive into the blue merle enigma! Are these furry fashionistas purebred corgis or a mix of merle magic? Let’s break it down:

Colorful Crossroads: Blue merle corgis can sometimes make you tilt your head like a confused pupper. Why? Because the merle gene isn’t exclusive to corgis. It’s like that one jacket everyone seems to own – you might spot it on different breeds. So, not all blue merle corgis are purebred; some might have a little extra merle magic from other breeds in their family tree.

A blue merle corgi herding sheep
Image: Adobe Stock

Certified Corgis: Purebred blue merle corgis do exist, pals! They’re the result of meticulous breeding within the corgi clan. But remember, just because a corgi sports the mesmerizing blue merle coat doesn’t mean it’s automatically a purebred.

Honest Breeder Hints: If you’re on a mission to fetch a purebred blue merle corgi, make sure your breeder is the real deal. Ask questions like you’re interviewing them for a doggy CEO position:

  • Can they provide pedigree papers?
  • Do they have a history of purebred litters?
  • Are they open about their breeding practices? (Secretive breeders are a no-no!)

Merle Misfits: You might stumble upon corgi mixes with a dash of merle – let’s call them “merle misfits.” They’re not purebred, but that doesn’t mean they won’t melt your heart like a scoop of ice cream on a sunny day.

So, my fellow dog devotees, the blue merle corgi world is a mix of purebred precision and colorful charm. No matter their background, these pups are always ready to fill your life with fur-tastic moments!

Health Considerations for Blue Merle Corgis

Alright, let’s talk about the health scoop for our fabulous blue merle corgis. These little furballs might look like they’re strutting on a fashion runway, but their health can sometimes have its quirks. Here’s the lowdown:

Merle Marvels, But…: That stunning blue merle coat is like wearing a fashionable cape, but there’s a twist. Some merle-coated dogs, not just corgis, can carry a gene that might cause hearing and vision issues. So, while their coat might be dazzling, it’s good to keep an eye on their peepers and ears too.

A blue merle corgi relaxing
Image: Adobe Stock

Corgi Common Ground: Blue merle or not, corgis share some typical health concerns. These include hip dysplasia, back issues, and obesity.

Vet Visits are Important: Regular vet check-ups are like spa days for our furry pals. They keep tabs on your corgi’s health and make sure everything’s as peachy as a summer sunset.

Merle Care 101: If you’re thinking about bringing home a blue merle corgi, here’s your checklist:

  • Health Screening: Ask the breeder for health clearances and check for any genetic concerns in their lineage.
  • Special Attention: Keep an extra watchful eye on those peepers and ears. Regular vet visits are like gold.

Caring is Cool: Just remember, folks, every corgi, blue merle or not, deserves top-notch care. With a little extra love and a watchful eye, these fabulous furballs will rock their merle coats and be the coolest dogs on the block!

Blue Merle Corgi vs. Cowboy Corgi: Are They the Same?

Time to unravel the mystery of the blue merle corgi and its doppelgänger, the cowboy corgi. Are they like two peas in a pod or more like peanut butter and jelly? Let’s dig in:

Merle Magic: The blue merle corgi is all about that eye-catching coat. It’s like a work of art you’d find in a fancy gallery. Those beautiful splashes of color are what set these corgis apart.

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Two blue merle corgis
Image: Adobe Stock

Yeehaw Cowboy: Now, the cowboy corgi is like a rootin’ tootin’ mix of the corgi and the Australian shepherd. Picture a corgi in a cowboy hat, herding cattle with a lasso (not really, but you get the idea).

Tails Tell All: While blue merle corgis have those stunning coats, cowboy corgis often have a more traditional corgi color scheme with the white, tan, and sometimes merle coat.

In a Nutshell: Blue merle corgis are all about the coat, while cowboy corgis bring some Australian shepherd flair to the corgi party.

Keep ‘Em Straight: Sometimes folks might use these terms interchangeably, but now you’re in the know. So, when someone says “blue merle corgi” or “cowboy corgi,” you can nod and impress them with your corgi knowledge.


Well, how about that – you’ve now unlocked the secrets of the blue merle corgi! From their eye-catching coats to the cowboy corgis trotting around, it’s been a whirlwind tour of corgi awesomeness. Let’s do a quick recap before you go:

Colorful Characters: Blue merle corgis aren’t just your average corgis; they’re the Picasso of the corgi world with their unique coat patterns.

A blue merle corgi herding cattle
Image: Adobe Stock

Purebred Pondering: While some blue merle corgis are purebred, others might have a mix of corgi and another breed, like the Australian Shepherd.

Health Check: Keep an eye out for potential health issues that can affect blue merle corgis due to their coat genetics. Regular vet check-ups are like a superhero cape for their health!

Not-So-Secret Identities: Cowboy corgis might sound like they’re ready to yeehaw through the Wild West, but they’re just corgis with a dash of Australian shepherd vibes.

Corgi Compass: Now, when the conversation veers into blue merle corgis or cowboy corgis, you can steer the ship with confidence.

So, whether you’re dazzled by those merle patterns or fascinated by the corgi-cowboy combo, remember that corgis are like a treasure trove of personality and charm. So, next time you see a blue merle corgi or a cowboy corgi, you can share your newfound wisdom and impress everyone with your corgi expertise.

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